Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, One Source General Solutions Inc. is a service provider equipped with a workforce with reliable expertise, proficient training and sufficient experience in the service contracting and outsourcing industry.

It contracts permissible services ranging from Production Support Services, Quality Management Services, Warehouse Support Services, Engineering and Facilities Maintenance Services and other contractible services. It caters both piece-rate and man-hour basis.

It was designed to aide in the business of it’s clients making them focus on the business of doing business, without missing out the control, efficiency, compliance and cost savings required in the operation. It is guaranteed to be efficient and reliable especially in terms of quality service, proactive management, productive deployment, creation of sound employment, up-to-date & excellent quality systems, and compliances with government standards. It has its satellite offices in Batangas, Cavite, Pampanga, Bataan and Pangasinan. Currently, it has a total of over 6,000 employees deployed to 27 Client Companies all over Luzon.


We are committed to providing excellent quality services to all our stakeholders, focusing on the specific needs of our clients, continually advancing the knowledge and skills of our employees, consistently strengthening our systems and procedures, and regularly satisfying the best interest of our customers, employees, the society and the environment.


To take the lead in the Service Contracting Industry, providing exceptional quality services to our stakeholders, delivering high standards of expertise and innovations to improve the ways of the industry, and promoting utmost sense of responsibility and accountability in satisfying the best interest of our customers, employees, the society and the environment.

our core values


customer focus

Committed to focus on the needs of our customers and deliver to their expectations. We are also committed to respond to an active and changing market environment by focusing all our activities on customer satisfaction & delight.


Working at our best to deliver the highest quality standards in providing services to our customers and to maintain our stance in the industry.

solid integrity

We are committed to always
work with discipline, honesty, transparency, integrity, responsibility & reliability to the highest level of ethics & fairness.


We work with unity and harmony concentrating on the common purpose of the company & that of the stakeholders.


We provide the proper workplace, resources and motivation to all employees in order to maintain a good working environment, to continually advance the knowledge & skills of our employees and to deliver excellent quality service.


We support our customers’ business success every step of the way through a collaborative & proactive relationship.


We intend to thrive on our outsourcing spirit & speed up response to the needs of our stakeholders.


We are committed to support continuous growth and improvement by using creativity, critical thinking, and persistence to solve problems to deliver to the expectations of our stakeholders.


We care about our stakeholder’s welfare, hence we tend to put ourselves in their shoes should the situation asks for.


We take pride of our company’s sense of togetherness & unity. We see to it to respect each other & embrace our differences to harmoniously achieve our common goals & objectives.


We enjoy and celebrate what we do. It is important, especially in these times of uncertainty, that we have fun while we perform our jobs and deliver to the expectations of our stakeholders.